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Tae Kwon Do

  • 45 min classes

  • Ages 6 and up 

  • Try the 1st class free


Willard TaeKwonDo offers affordable and family-friendly pricing. Students may attend any/all classes for the age/rank offered for a monthly rate

Individual $75

2nd family member $55

3rd and each additional $35

TaeKwonDo is a Korean Martial Art that emphasizes self-discipline and self-control. In this program students set goals and work at their own pace to achieve them. Students will learn to utilize their whole body to preform various kicking, striking, blocking, and practical self-defense techniques. TaeKwonDo is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by all ages: child – adult. Our TaeKwonDo classes are a great way to stay healthy while having fun. The TaeKwonDo community is immense. Many events are available throughout the year: training camps and seminars, tournaments and competition for all ages for anyone who is interested in being competitive.

Beginner Levels

(White – High Yellow Belt) – In this class students will learn and practice the fundamentals of TaeKwonDo such as basic stances, kicks, blocks and strikes. Students will also learn beginner level TaeKwonDo patterns, practice basic self-defense techniques, and the fundamentals of sparring and board breaking will be introduced.

Intermediate & Advanced Levels

(Low Green – Black Belt) – Intermediate and Advanced students will build on the TaeKwonDo skills that they have learned and apply those skills through sparring, self-defense drills, and board breaking. Students continue their training and will learn higher difficultly kicks, strikes, forms, and self-defense techniques.

Black Belt

(High Red – Black Belt) – Black Belt class students will practice advanced martial arts material with an emphasis on leadership. Participants will learn how to assist and encourage lower level students in class and learn to lead workouts and classes. Students will continue to practice advanced sparring, self-defense, and board breaking techniques, and advanced TaeKwonDo patterns.

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