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Amd Mobility Radeon Driver Download [CRACKED]

I am trying to find the latest official driver (non-beta) for my computer's amd graphics card, however it is hard to find it since AMD does not archive their drivers for easy download and their latest drivers are incompatiable with mine.

amd mobility radeon driver download

Also, the notebook manufacturer, despite saying that I should download drivers from them, does not update their drivers at all, so I am forced to go to the AMD website to download more recent drivers from there, which I can't do anyways...

Official HP provided Windows 7 drivers for your computer can be found on the HP Pavilion dv6t-6b00 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers page. The only official drivers that function correctly with the HP Switchable Graphics are those provided by HP. Trying to use drivers downloaded directly from Intel and/or AMD will not work as they don't support the modifications made by HP.

MY QUESTION: Is there some problems with Windows 8 and that ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card? Why isn't the Windows 7 -version of ATI mobility radeon X1600 display driver available in Windows Update for Windows 8 too?

I know that there is latest legacy driver package at ATI, but that doesn't support Mobility Radeon Xnnn-models, it only supports plain Xnnn-models. If one tries to install with that, it says that graphic card (so mobility radeon -models) isn't supported. So these won't work.

Then in search field, in upright, search "mobility radeon x1600" and you'll find those driver-packages that Microsoft Update -service offers. There are x86 and amd64 drivers of that graphics cards for Windows 7 (version 8.561.0.0 dated 1.12.2008).

One can download those Windows 7 -version drivers from that update catalog on a folder as cab-file and then to use that package to update graphics card drivers, in Device manager, graphics card properties and updating drivers from the download folder of those update catalog drivers (one can unpac cab-file with 7-zip or such).

I managed to do that and got those drivers (version 8.561.0.0 dated 1.12.2008) installed and working on Windows 8 and now ATI mobility radeon X1600 works like a charm in Windows 8 too (like it does with Windows 7).

So, why Windows 8 install / windows update -service don't offer that same ATI mobility radeon driver for Windows 8 on laptop with that ati mobility radeon x1600 or why doesn't it recognize ati mobility radeon x1600 on that hp-laptop, thus the driver works with it? That works for Windows 7 installation / from windows update -service and that same driver seems to work perfect in Windows 8 too, like it does with Windows 7.

I downloaded the 32-bit version of the Windows 7 driver, unzipped it into a folder, and asked the graphics driver to udpate, and browsed to the unzip folder. Magic--I am getting 1680x1050. Don't know how fast it will be, or whether trouble will develop, but for now, it is working.

I tried to download the drivers from AMD site, installed them and got the same problem as before, the difference is that now I can't revert it back. I tried to remove all the fglrx packages I had, use the very first xorg.conf I had, but no luck.


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