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Willard TaeKwonDo is owned and operated by a local family of TaeKwonDo enthusiasts and an awesome team of Martial Arts Instructors.

We are proud to be a part of Willard and offer the opportunities to kids and adults in Willard and surrounding communities.

meet the staff



Mr. Nick Carter

Lead TaeKwonDo Instructor

4th Dan

Mr. Carter is our lead TaeKwonDo Instructor. He has been practicing Martial Arts for 18 years and has been teaching for 14 years. He is trained in Traditional/ITF Tae Kwon Do and in BJJ. 

Mr. Carter is a fun and easy going person as long as the students are focused and working hard. 

Mr. Carter teaches Tuesday, Thursday and Friday classes TaeKwonDo classes.


Mr. Chase Alumbaugh

TaeKwonDo Instructor

2nd Dan

Mr. Alumbaugh has been practicing Martial Arts for 14 years. He began his TaeKwonDo training at age 8 and became a captain of the Demonstration Team for Willard TaeKwonDo. He has won 4 Grand Championships and a Triple Crown Championship. Part of his training took place during his service in the United States Marine Corp where he participated in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) and obtained his Brown Belt.

Mr. Alumbaugh is also our TaeKwonDo and Youth Class instructor.


Presley Stacey 2nd Dan

Junior TaeKwonDo Instructor


Ms. Stacey has been practicing TaeKwonDo for 6 years. She has been training in instruction and leadership for the last two years under Mr.Carter, Mr.Alumbaugh and the AMA Masters. Ms. Stacey has recently earned her 2nd degree Black Belt. Ms.Stacey is also an accomplished pianist! She can challenge your knowledge when it comes to Queen and their music!


Ms. Stacey is our Little Warriors and TaeKwonDo instructor. You will also often see her teach on Monday nights.


Danny Proctor 2nd Dan

Junior TaeKwonDo Instructor

Mr. Proctor

Mr. Proctor has been practicing TaeKwonDo for 7 years. He has been training in instruction and leadership for the last two years under Mr.Carter, Mr.Alumbaugh and the AMA Masters. Mr.Proctor has recently earned his 2nd degree Black Belt. If you want a serious challenge in a plank, ask Mr.Proctor, 2 years in a row winner of the Plank challenge at the Kids TaeKwonDo camp in AR with the record 1 hour 30 min!


Mr. Proctor is our Little Warriors and TaeKwonDo instructor. You will also often see him teach on Monday nights.


112 East Jackson, Willard, MO 65781


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