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(Dub) 7 : Fitzgerald Rising

The maker of the financial services application Plaid, which is used by many popular financial technology applications, has agreed to pay $58 million to settle a class action claim arising from its data collection and use practices.

(Dub) 7 : Fitzgerald Rising


First proposed back in 2011, the 615-room Toyoko Inn Hotel surprisingly broke ground this spring after years of silence. The 24-story building recently completed foundation work at 320 S. Clinton Street near Union Station. It replaces a surface parking lot.

Though rising 13 stories above River North, the boutique condo development at 56 W. Huron Street will feature just 11 residences. The narrow glass and metal-clad building from Chicago-based Kiferbaum Development and Studio Dwell Architects broke ground in late 2017 and will welcome residents soon.

In fact, when Leinart surprisingly fell to the Cardinals at the #10 spot of the 2006 NFL Draft, then head coach Dennis Green called Leinart a "gift from heaven" for the Cardinals franchise. Unfortunately, Leinart struggled with transitioning to the NFL game and injuries re-opened the door for Kurt Warner to do what Hall-of-Famer's do: make memories. After Warner solidified himself as the starter, Leinart's career went downhill quickly. Ironically, Leinart was a gift from heaven... he gave the Cardinals the gift of playing so poorly that it allowed Kurt Warner to steal the starting job and transform the Cardinals into a winning franchise. And for that we thank you Matt. 041b061a72

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