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Gabriel Knight 3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of...

The next morning, Grace attends a tour of the valley led by Madeleine Buthane. She visits a site called "Poussin's Tomb" (though it is not the tomb of the French painter), the ruins of Chateau de Blanchefort, and a winery in the valley, Chateau de Serres. At Blanchefort, she hears mention of a document called Le Serpent Rouge from Estelle Stiles and Lily Howard, that is supposed to give hints as to where the treasure purported to exist in the valley is hidden. At the winery, Grace infiltrates the main house, thinking she hears a baby crying. Though the sound ends up being due to machinery, she learns that the winery's proprietor is a member of an obscure cult, though the symbols on the robes are not known to her. As the tour group leaves the winery, they discover the bodies of Malory and McDougal at the Devil's Armchair, with their throats cut and blood drained.

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of...

While the tour happens, Gabriel breaks into the other hotel rooms. He finds documents in Stiles and Howard's room, a gun and map in Buthane's, and a priest's collar and train ticket stub from Rome in Buchelli's. When Grace returns with news of the murders, he quickly goes down to overhear a conversation between Buchelli and someone he calls Padre, presumably in Rome. He then goes to the crime scene to investigate with Mosely. The two find a pool of blood nearby where the men's throats were drained, and Gabriel has a psychic vision of floating vampires committing the grisly act. When finished with this, they are chased from the crime scene by the suspiciously interested Buthane. Gabriel traces tire tracks from Malory and McDougal's car, and then compares them to tracks at Chateau de Serres, finding them to match. Posing as a journalist, he has a long conversation with the owner of the winery, Excelsior Montreaux. Gabriel confronts Larry Chester about the two men, and although he admits nothing, Gabriel observes him set an alarm for 2:00 am.

Grace discovers that the book left on her door details a theory about Jesus Christ: that Christ had children with Mary Magdalene, and that the Stuart family is one of the purported bloodline families, distant descendants of those children. She also reads that the bloodline was once protected by the Knights Templar, but that the group then split into the Freemasons and the Priory of Sion. Gabriel, Mosely, and Grace eventually conclude that Arnaud is with the Priory and Chester, Mallory, and McDougal are Freemasons.

After reading the bloodline document, Grace takes a shower, during which it is stolen out of the room by (Gabriel surmises) Mosely. Gabriel also observes Buthane leaving Mosely's room with something, and later Grace sees Buchelli leaving Buthane's room with the same. Grace spies Buchelli burying the document in the valley and retrieves it. Fingerprints on the document reveal the thieves. Gabriel calls a meeting with Grace, Buthane, Mosely, and Buchelli, implicating the latter three in the thefts. Each reveals his or her affiliation: Mosely with the CIA, Buchelli with the Vatican, and Buthane with French national security. Gabriel returns the document to Prince James, who has arrived in town. He then breaks into Chateau de Serres' garage and finds bats, upon which he is chased by the vampires, escaping quickly to Rennes Le Chateau.

By this time, Grace has discovered the site that Le Serpent Rouge points to, in the center of the Holy of Holies of the New Temple of Solomon. At this point, the mysterious Emilio Baza reveals himself to be the one who left Grace Le Serpent Rouge, the written notes, and the bloodline book. Mesmi, Mosely, and Gabriel descend into the cavern while Grace and Baza chat, during which Baza reveals that he is the Wandering Jew, who drank of Jesus' blood and lives eternally as a result. Montreaux, he says, has taken blood from bloodline descendants over the years, making himself also virtually immortal. If Montreaux drinks the baby's blood, he will be incredibly powerful.

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (GK3 for short) continues the supernatural adventures of Gabriel Knight and his partner Grace Nakimura. In this episode, Gabriel and Grace investigate a high profile kidnapping in rural France. But per usual, all is not as it seems, and the duo are cast into a massive religious conspiracy involving buried treasure, vampires, bloodlines (in more than one sense), and mustaches fashioned from cat hair.

After leading us through the Bavarian countryside in a story about German royal blood, Wagner and werewolves, Jane decides to turn our attentions to the small French village of Rennes-le-Chateau, a controversial tourist town. The case begins with Gabriel's visit to a home of a dethroned Prince of Albany. The Prince is plagued by fears for his only son's safety, and as it turns out, rightfully so. A secretive vampire sect manages to kidnap the baby on the night when Gabriel was on guard, and the chase leads to a heavy-handed bump on the head and the awakening in the hotel room at Rennes-le-Chateau. Snooping around Gabriel soon learns about the arrival of the tourist group at about the same time the chase took place. There is something odd about them; they don't act like your usual bunch of holidaymakers... Little settlement of Rennes-le-Chateau gives off that eerie Twin Peaks atmosphere: nice and friendly on the outside, with a bunch of weird and unusual things going on behind closed doors. The town seems to be known for its rich history and a tourist attraction in the form of hidden treasure. Nobody knows what that treasure might be, but some speculate that it has something to do with The Order of the Templars, and that elusive relic from the history of Christianity, The Holy Grail.

  • The games in the series are: Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (1993): Gabriel Knight is an author and owner of a bookstore in New Orleans. To overcome a writer's block he tries to use the material from a series of murders his policeman friend investigates. However, afflicted with freaky dreams nightly, he comes to learn that he shares a family history with a local Voodoo sect within the city, one that hinges upon being able to free his bloodline from a curse that befell them years earlier. With the help of his assistant, Grace Nakimura, and local police officer (and best friend since childhood) Detective Franklin Mosely, Gabriel discovers his roots, learning that he is descended from a German family, the Ritters, whose men were all Schattenjäger; "Shadow Hunters" tasked with battling the supernatural evils of the world, which he accomplishes in this game by healing the bad blood between his bloodline and that of Malia Gedde, a N'Awlins resident who hides a dark secret. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition (2014): A remake of the above. Notable for actually being released just in time for the 21st anniversary of the original.

  • The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (1996): A Full Motion Video entry which managed to buck the well-known trend of FMV games. This time, Gabriel has returned to his family home, Schloss Ritter, to assist the local citizens with what they believe to be a werewolf attack. Grace, feeling snubbed back in New Orleans, books a flight out to join him, and the pair take their respective lines of research, resulting in the revelation that the werewolf in question has a history with King Ludwig II of Bavaria, one which nearly takes Gabriel's very soul.

  • Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (1999): Gabriel and Grace are asked to protect a prince's son from a new supernatural threat, and while they pursue the kidnappers, links to The Knights Templar and even more incredible things are discovered the deeper they delve. Gabriel Knight 3 was released right in the middle of the adventure game slump of the late 90's and ended up being the final adventure game released by Sierra before their closing and eventual acquisition by Vivendi.

  • 'The Temptation' short story Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: The kindly old lady who turns out to be the very creature Gabriel is hunting.

  • Blood Magic: The old lady convinces Gabriel to try on a glove which had a pinprick left inside it, then immediately produces some cotton to wipe off the blood. Gabriel knows full well how foolish it is to let a witch get your blood, taking that instant as his cue to act.

  • Hallucinations: Gabriel has begun conversing with a "voice in his head", which he puts down to exhaustion and missing having Grace around to bounce ideas off of. However, this soon turns into a full-blown hallucination of Von Glower, who claims to represent Gabriel's first true kill, and tries to convince him to kill himself.

  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Was the taunting spectre of Von Glower real or false? Gabriel protests that while he could be talking to himself he is not creative enough to imagine in such detail. That and previous games reveal that the spirits of unrepentant werewolves are unable to ascend, forever condemned to remain in the world they so desperately clung to. Furthermore, Gabriel realizes that he only began seeing the apparition after the passing of a mysterious falling star that was never found...

I really don't wanna be dead. Can we try that again?

Sanae lived in the ancient era as an initiate of the Secret Brotherhood of the Magi, a mystical society seeking the coming of a messiah, known as Kenosh Kania, whose birth was intricately linked to a sacred bloodline and the alignment of the stars in the constellation of Osiris. In their existence, the Brotherhood were able to use their influence to usher in the ideal conditions for the birth of one Kenosh Kania: Jesus Christ, heir of the House of David, who was raised in Egypt.

However, the Adepts suspected that Jesus had sired children at the Brotherhood's request in order to preserve the sacred bloodline, and eventually succeeded in locating these descendants. The members of Jesus' bloodline were under the Brotherhood's protection, but as their families branched out and grew, it became untenable for the Brotherhood to keep watch over them at all times. The Adepts were able to approach these descendants and drain their blood in small amounts. 041b061a72


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