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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Studios Bros Venezuela

M&M Studios, was a dubbing and subtitling studio established in 1986, in Caracas, Venezuela. The studio was originally called Estudios LAIN And Other name Meta & Modular Traducción Visual. They have worked with some of the most important names in the industry, including: Nickelodeon Latin America, MTV, Sony, AXN, Animax, Chello Latin America (formerly MGM Networks Latin America), A&E Networks, CCI Entertainment, Inti Networks, BBC Latin America and Cinemania, among others.

Studios Bros Venezuela

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LEGEND OF THE DRAGONTM is being developed by Freak Frog studios, a development team based in Barcelona that works exclusively for On Games. LEGEND OF THE DRAGONTM is scheduled for october 2006, for PC and mobile phones. 041b061a72

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