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Pokemon Unite Public Test: How to Download and Participate in the Survey

The Public Test server for the game will allow players to test out unreleased content that may be added later on. Their feedback will allow developers to iron out any bugs or glitches before a global update. To play on the designated server, players must follow the steps mentioned below:

The developers have warned players that they are not guaranteed a comfortable gaming experience since it is a Public Test server. The game data may be deleted without notice, and sudden emergency maintenance may occur. Players must also remember that the game data and progress on the test server are different from the actual game itself.

pokemon unite test server download

Pokémon UNITE fans are getting a treat this month, as the game looks to implement a public test server in certain regions. Players will also be able to test out unreleased content in said public test server, which will allow developers to get a better idea of how changes will affect the game overall.

In order for players to access the new public test server, they must download a brand new app known as Pokémon UNITE Public Test. The app is only available for download in a few select countries for now, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India. The app is all set to release on Thursday. The public test server app will only be available for android devices.

Players will be able to give their feedback to the developers regarding these new additions in the Pokémon Unite Public Test, in the hope that the feedback allows the team to create a better product when the new additions get released to the game. In order to download the public test server app, players will need to go to the official Pokémon UNITE Public Test website and download the .apk file to move to a working android device. Players will also find all the instructions and an FAQ in case there is confusion.

The beta test for Pokemon UNITE is live now in Japan, meaning players can download the game for the Switch and play it during the Network Test period. This test is live from June 24 to 26 in Japan and the software can be downloaded from the eShop with a Japanese Nintendo account. The entire file size of the game is 1020MB and it can be played in handled, tabletop, or docked mode.

Pokémon UNITE's public network test was announced by the official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account (via VGC). The test is free to download and play, but will only last until Saturday, June 26. There is no word if any progress or unlocked costumes in the test version will transfer over to the full version upon release, but the short length of the test doesn't make that seem likely.

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While the Pokémon UNITE network test is ostensibly for Japanese players, it is possible for gamers in other regions to join in on the fun. All it requires is a Japanese Nintendo account to download it from the Nintendo Switch eShop, which can be made easily on the company's website. There will still be a language barrier to overcome since none of the game's text or audio will be in English. However, this shouldn't be too major of an issue, as Pokémon games typically don't require high reading levels to play and understand.

The lack of a traditional demo may be disappointing to some, but it is not without precedent. Online-only games typically need stress tests to ensure that the servers will endure when the full game launches. The most famous example in Nintendo's history would be the Global Testfires for Splatoon and its sequel. Pokémon UNITE having a public network test of its own is a smart move, given the franchise's popularity, but a wider one for non-Japan regions would have probably been a good idea, too.

  • What to Do: Ensure your console has an active Internet connection.

  • If software is currently being played, save your in-game progress and then close the software. Software can be closed from the HOME Menu by highlighting the software title and pressing the X Button.

  • If the issue persists, restart the console, and then wait for the console to connect online. Shortly after connecting online, the download should start to progress as long as you have not started any software that may pause the download.

  • If the download is progressing slowly, test your Nintendo Switch console's Internet connection. If you find the download speeds are slower than expected, attempt to resolve any network related issues which may be causing these slow downloads.

Once you have downloaded the file, install it on your device. Follow the detailed on-screen instructions for hassle-free installation. After the installation is complete, launch the app and start testing!

When the testing period is over, you'll no longer be able to open the beta build. To install the App Store version of the app, download or purchase the app from the App Store. In-app purchases are free only during beta testing, and any in-app purchases made during testing will not carry over to App Store versions.

Special thank you to all of the contributors in the Mathcord discord server. They have done some extensive work testing and recording all Pokémon damage numbers, stats, ratios, base values, hidden cooldowns & data, writing in-depth patch notes, and much more!

Unfortunately, the Pokémon UNITE Public Test is available only on Android devices and is open to users living in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore. You will need to download the APK from this page and install it on your device. If you're in a different location or territory, you may want to use a VPN to access the server of the game.

Note: While troubleshooting download and upload speeds, it is recommend that you test your Internet connection after making any changes to the settings of your network to determine if the change improved your network connection.

  • Slow download speeds are generally the result of: Slow Internet from the ISP

  • Slow or unresponsive networking equipment

  • Wireless interference or a weak wireless signal

  • Multiple devices on the same network using an excessive amount of bandwidth

  • What to do Perform a connection test on your Nintendo Switch system, and take note of the following results: Download speed

  • Upload speed

  • Compare your speeds against the following speeds: 3 Mbps download

  • 1 Mbps upload

  • Do you meet the listed download and upload speeds? Yes, my speeds are at or above those listed. No, my speeds are below those listed.

  • Are you using a wired or wireless connection? Wired Wireless Using another device connected to the same network, visit one of the following sites (or find your own by searching "internet speed test" using a search engine):

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to run the speedtest, and take note of the results.

Does your network meet the speeds listed above? Yes, my speeds are at or above those listed. No, my speeds are below those listed. Power cycle your home network. Restarting your network devices may resolve this issue if it is related to the devices being unresponsive.

Devices streaming video content, downloading files, or performing other bandwidth intensive tasks may affect the speeds at which other devices can send and receive data over the Internet. Turn off any devices or programs you may find running, and then try the speed test again.

Mihoyo's Honkai Impact 3rd action RPG released on PC back in 2019 with its own launcher, absent of any official announcements to expand to other storefronts. Perhaps that won't always be the case though, as players in China discovered a mention of Steam in the client through Mihoyo's test server.

Before attempting any fixes or changes to the system, perform a full backup of your application, database, and so forth. Otherwise, you might find yourself with additional errors and latent errors. If you have the capability, create a complete copy of the application onto a secondary staging server that isn't "live." This will give you a clean testing ground to test all potential fixes to resolve the issue without threatening the security or sanctity of your live application.

Your server and/or application may be automatically configured to go down for maintenance. Many modern content management systems, like WordPress, will automatically download and install updates to their base software without any intervention on your behalf. The web server could be issuing a 503 Service Unavailable Error during this period. If you're able to access the administration settings of your application/server, check the configuration options for automatic maintenance scheduling. You may have the option to disable this setting if you'd rather have direct control over that process. Don't forget to upgrade to newer versions fairly regularly, as they typically include critical security fixes.

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