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Massage Children Mp4 ((EXCLUSIVE))

At Santa Cruz CORE, we offer many types of massage. Our award-winning therapists work as experts in their field and know the proper techniques to use to ensure you the best results from your session. We also have massage therapists in Watsonville, CA at our new location!

Massage Children mp4

Indicated for post-surgery, chronic pain, overuse and repetitive stress injuries. To induce healing of the whole person this massage promotes change within the structure and function of the neuro-musculoskeletal soft tissue.

Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab offers an experience unlike any other massage center. The difference in our service starts with our practitioners. Our staff is vetted and hired for their above-average skills, education, and knowledge, which allows them to offer a truly therapeutic experience. Whether you would like to recover from exercise, stress, or injury, CORE Massage Therapy or CORE Fusion Therapeutic bodywork will revitalize you mentally and heal you physically.

Experience the blissful relaxation and health benefits of a CORE Massage or the valuable healing power of CORE Fusion Therapeutic Bodywork. Three tiers of certified therapists specialize in various modalities of massage from ancient techniques to the cutting edge.

Heather earned her degree in Massage Therapy at California Healing Arts College in the Fall of 2004. During her 15 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, she has achieved proficiency in a broad range of modalities, including Oscillation, Swedish, Trigger Therapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Prenatal, Reiki, and Deep Tissue.

When Sandra was first introduced to massage, she quickly became passionate about taking the holistic approach. She decided to pursue a career in which she could assist people in a more meaningful way. With bodywork, she found a great approach in assisting others to find balance within their bodies and their lives.

Claudia is certified by Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts and has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. She specializes in a wide range of massage modalities, including Swedish, Shiatsu, and Polarity. Claudia has practiced her craft since 1984 and still aims to expand her knowledge and practice.

Catherine is a certified Thai Massage Therapist with 8 years of experience and is currently finishing her degree in Kinesiology to become a physical therapist. Her specialties include deep tissue and Thai massage. She is an expert in pressure point work and range of motion.

Catherine traveled to Thailand to get certified in Thai Massage and recently came back from India where she earned her certification as a yoga teacher. She has worked in casino settings as a massage therapist in Vegas, California, and North Carolina before deciding it was time to settle her roots in California. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys the beach, hiking, running, yoga, and cooking. She is an avid adventurer and traveler and loves to dance (especially to salsa and merengue). Catherine was born in Queens, New York, and was raised later on in Miami and Ormond Beach, FL.

Sean was intrigued by the power of massage and the great results he experienced and wanted to learn more about it, not only for himself but for others and the people he loves too. From seeing his father in pain before he passed away, to being inspired by his Grandfather's dedication to helping others as a Medic during WW2, and all of the massages that helped him recover, all are what gives him the drive and passion to be the best Massage Therapist he can be. He sought out and went to the best Massage School he could find, the National Holistic Institute. Sean graduated in July 2021 and went straight into the Advanced Neuromuscular Program at NHI and is expected to graduate at the end of 2021. Sean has a passion for helping people maintain their lifestyles with as little pain as possible. He specializes in Swedish, MFT, and Deep Tissue, and looks forward to helping as many people as he can at Santa Cruz CORE.

Bronson Davidson is a graduate of the Advanced Neuromuscular Program at the National Holistic Institute in San Jose, and has been practicing massage since 2020. He is a firm believer that muscles hold memory and he loves learning each person's story to better inform his healing approach.

During a session with Bronson, clients can expect an open line of communication in order to hone in on the therapy they are needing. He uses a combination of breath work and Swedish massage to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the system activated when we are most relaxed. Once the client's body is prepared for deeper work, he incorporates Deep tissue massage, Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Therapy (MFT), Cross fiber and Thai massage.

I love all the folks at CORE. They are like family and everyone knows me by name. The practitioners are very professional and are very experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. I get weekly massages and acupuncture. I highly recommend Santa Cruz CORE.

Kayla's massage was really wonderful. It felt like she was doing just the right things to help my leg heal. She explained what she was doing but not overly much. She encouraged feedback so she could be more effective in the session. I'm looking forward to my next massage!

Your staff is friendly and competent. Your office is well-organized. You're doing an excellent job providing a safe, sanitized environment in response to the pandemic. And Gabby, my massage therapist is wonderful! She's caring, insightful about what my body needs, and has a steady, comforting presence. Plus she has outstanding massage skills.

Yvonne provides a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage. She really cares about my overall well-being and takes time before and after to really check in to see how I'm doing and provides exercises for me to perform between our sessions. The rest of the SC Core staff are great as well, always friendly, welcoming, and happy to help. I recommend this place to my friends all the time.

Allen did a great job with my massage. I felt very relaxed and sleep well the night of. He was very knowledgeable and put me at ease. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. Great customer service. Smiles matter. Good job!

Allen was my massage therapist. He was respectful and did a great job. He was strong and gentle with his hands. His techniques helped my body get through some soreness from an intense workout I had 2 days before. I left feeling genuinely cared for - a special treat from a male therapist!

Wonderful, incredibly relaxing, and stiffness was not present at the end of my massage...insightful massage. Heather was reading my body's signs through my feet (i.e. congestion) relating my soreness to specific muscles and actions.

Cambly is a legitimate and well-established online ESL company, founded in 2012, that has grown to become one of the biggest names in the industry with a Trustpilot score of 4.3 out of 5. Cambly English teaching is conducted with a diverse range of students, both adults and children, covering needs that include learning basic English, conversational English practice, test prep (e.g. IELTS), reading comprehension, and business English.

The Cambly pay rate for adult teaching is 17 cents per minute (US$10.20 an hour), while Cambly Kids pay is slightly higher at 20 cents a minute ($12 per hour). However, some children do appear on the adult platform occasionally; in such instances you will be paid the lower rate to teach them.

You will only have to record a demo lesson if you are applying to Cambly Kids. For this additional step, you are expected to show off your ability to engage children in English lessons with a 3-5 minute demo highlighting your teaching style. You are given sample lesson slides to use, which need to be targeted at a 7-8 year old student with basic English knowledge, and make sure you use plenty of TPR.

The documentary \"Sexy Baby,\" which was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows Winnifred's adolescence from age 12 to age 15, and delves into the world of porn before puberty. Winnifred's journey in the documentary reflects that of many pre-teens today, and through her eyes parents worldwide get a glimpse into the hyper-sexualized culture their children are facing today.

\"When I can reach into my back pocket [for my smart phone] and basically pull out some porn ... you can't really blame a bunch of children for not understanding how to deal with that,\" Winnifred said.

Winnifred agrees. \"I think if parents are able to talk to their children, and their children are able to feel comfortable talking about what real love and real sex later on is, I and most of the kids I know would trust our parents over two porn stars that we've never met.\"

\"Sexy Baby\" is playing in theaters in New York and Los Angeles and will be available on iTunes and Movies on Demand Nov. 6. A 60- minute educational version for children 14 years old and up is available too. For more on the documentary, go to 041b061a72

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