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Download Hotpot Story Mod Signed Apk ^HOT^

you can gain valuable experience in managing and operating a successful chinese business by downloading the my hot pot story mod apk. With increased communal areas and opportunities for contact with patrons. The platform provides all of the intricacies and abilities that may be learned from playing the game in order to successfully run a restaurant or a cafe. You can get the full edition with all of its incredible recipes, tools, ingredients, and more here for free after you unlock it.

Download Hotpot Story Mod signed apk

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If you always dreamt of owning a small restaurant then you can fulfil your dream by playing My Hotpot Story APK. It is a restaurant management game where you have to run a Chinese restaurant. The gameplay revolves around the story of a businessman who faced loss in the business and now left with very little money. Now he planned to rent a restaurant at Xingfu road and serve secret hotpot recipes to the customers. Now you have to help him in making his restaurant a five star hotpot restaurant.

It is necessary to complete assigned tasks in My Hotpot Story Mod New Version Unlocked to upgrade the level. Open a hotpot restaurant, serve hotpot dishes, hire staff and earn passive income. Upgrade and update the items and areas to make your restaurant look more attractive and appealing.

Shortly, this simulation game has all numerous amazing features to meet all your entertainment needs. In My Hotpot Story, you will be roleplaying the role of the manager of a hotpot restaurant. Manage the restaurant wisely to take it to the heights of success. Recruit employees, schedule grocery routines, greet the customers nicely and serve the orders on time to be a tycoon. Because of its fascinating features, it is quite popular among the people. The 10 million plus downloads and 4.8 star ratings are proof that people loved this game so much. Follow the instructions or big fat chef to run the restaurant smoothly. Download My Hotpot Story Mod APK Latest Version 2023 is the hacked version which offers unlimited money and no ads gameplay. 041b061a72


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