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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson

Mature Son Galleries ((FREE))

But the promoter of the stock market firm Garima Capital Ltd, has been, fervently buying works of art out of "passion". Though Jain may have spent nearly Rs 25 lakh (including the shipment cost) on the Souza, he has no regrets as he says, "art is a sunrise industry and there are very few serious galleries around".

mature son galleries

But who are the galleries' potential customers? Says Jain, "Non-resident Indians and wealthy people who want to maximise their wealth by switching their investment from real estate and shares into art."

A new museum of art on the Washington State University campus in Pullman could be a multi-story glass-walled building in which students, alumni, and community members can venture in to an open and intriguing series of galleries.

The new building, now in the conceptual phase, will have more than twice the space of the current 5,000-square-foot museum and include four distinct galleries. It will rise out of the hillside across from the Compton Union Building on the site of the former fire station and current police station.

Amongthe saints depicted in the Art Gallery is Agnes,in a painting from the school of Guercino: she was a young girlbelonging to one of the most powerful aristocratic families of Rome,who at the age of twelve was martyred under the Emperor Diocletian.The aristocratic status is suggested by the precious fabric of therobes and earrings. Although represented here in a more mature age,it is accompanied by its canonical attributes: the palm of martyrdomand the lamb, symbol of humility and innocence, like Agnes pierced inthe throat during sacrifices. 041b061a72


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