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School Days H Scene

Each Time period is 20 real-time minutes long by default. This can be adjusted in the configuration menu. Interactions initated by the PC or NPCs(towards the PC) consume Time. NPC-to-NPC interactions do not cost time. Time also passes during H scenes. Switching H positions consumes time; Better H-Compatibility reduces this time-loss. Time Periods can not end during H scenes.

School Days H Scene

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This is school attendance period. When the PC arrives at the station, some NPCs may already be in their club rooms while others will begin to arrive at the station individually. Characters who are not present will show a icon in the class roster screen.

This is free time after school and uses sunset lighting. Characters start going home at this time. Characters with the Daydreamer/Absentminded trait have a higher chance to leave earlier. Lovers are likely to stay longer while teachers will never leave before every student, including the PC, left. Since school time is over, characters can invite/be invited to Have Some Fun/Go Eat/Go to Karaoke without missing a class.

Do you like to be in front of the camera or behind the scenes? Or, do you have a passion for investigating the news, creating fictional worlds, or developing ads? Park has a place for YOU to get started in media from DAY ONE.

Makoto has fallen for Kotonoha, Although they both take the same train to school, she is unaware of his existence. His classmate, Sekai, manages to put the two together despite holding strong feelings towards Makoto.

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Afterschool enrichment opportunities should ideally offer a blend of meaningful and effective learning with fun content and activities that will keep students engaged. But even when a program offers all this, districts might not be able to take advantage of it unless the program also offers flexibility.

With this in mind, the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) designed our Club Invention afterschool program to be a flexible curriculum that gives children an immersive invention education experience.

To give districts plenty of options in how they implement our afterschool programming, NIHF offers several independent units that can be run over the course of whatever time frame works best for the district. For instance, units could be implemented once a month, once a week or every day. Units can be purchased in eight-hour increments, allowing districts to choose just what they need for afterschool time.

Each unit makes it easy for educators to challenge children to think, do, build and make, leading them to discover science concepts through hands-on exploration and problem solving. Each unit provides hands-on STEM activities, and all materials, from the curriculum and discussion prompts to handouts and videos. This makes the program a turnkey solution for teachers and afterschool providers to simply plug in place at the end of a school day.

In the 1800's, Americans developed a free, mandatory primary school system. In the early 1900's, high school education spread rapidly. And after World War II, aided by the G.I. Bill of Rights and the expansion of public universities, Americans went to college in droves.

How does American society make the most of this? As in the past, it will require government funds. Not for everything, especially in the modern age, which has so many more capable people and developed private institutions than in the past. But it was New York State that first built the canals; the federal government that subsidized the railroads and paved the highways; local government that built the nation's schools; land-grant universities and the military that generated a lot of our technology.

Some will demur. Indeed, private industry built the communications infrastructure in this century and is now building the Internet. But the Pentagon, as every schoolchild apparently now knows, developed the Internet in the first place.

* Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a witness-protection agent battling his treacherous boss over a weapon-smuggling operation. The picture is effectively made, but viewers will want to erase the horrific violence that erupts in scene after scene, leading to an unusually mean-spirited finale. Charles Russell directed. V P

**** This feature-length animation turns Victor Hugo's tragic hero into a candidate for the Seven Dwarfs, frolicking with cute little gargoyles when he isn't busy helping a handsome soldier save a gorgeous gypsy from an evil judge. The cartooning is expertly done in keeping with the Walt Disney tradition. But some may question the wisdom of turning a serious, complex, and often tormented literary classic into a feel-good musical comedy. Some scenes are much too intense or violent for young children. V

*** Leisurely tale of the relationship between a troubled prep-school student and a somewhat mysterious young woman he rescues after a horseback-riding accident. Winona Ryder and Lucas Haas are quietly convincing as the main characters. Written and directed by Stacy Cochran, who has grown considerably as a filmmaker since her debut movie, the suburban satire "Her New Gun." S V P

** A boy and his dolphin, and the crusty old uncle who loves them both. The scenery is great, and the story is often cute, even if it borrows liberally from "Free Willy" as well as Flipper's old TV series. But some fishing scenes may be upsetting for children. Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan star. Written and directed by Alan Shapiro. V P

** Juliette Binoche and Olivier Martinez flee a raging epidemic in France during the early 18th century. Fans of old-fashioned epics will enjoy the dashing heroics, but look out for graphic scenes of violence and illness. Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, who honed his historical skills on a sweeping screen version of "Cyrano de Bergerac" a few years ago. Several famous French faces appear in cameo performances. V S N P

*** Odd circumstances lead to a young man giving the eulogy at the funeral of a fellow student he can't remember having known. Afterward he finds himself involved with two very different women: the mother of the deceased "friend" and an acquaintance he's adored since high school. This ironic comedy-drama is like a milder version of "The Graduate," with David Schwimmer working hard to equal Dustin Hoffman's star-making performance. The story leads its characters to morally dubious situations, but the outcome reaffirms traditional values. Directed by Matt Reeves with a gentle touch. S P V

* Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme makes his movie-directing debut with this bone-cruncher about an American vying for the grand prize in a Tibetan fighting contest some 70 years ago. Also on hand is Roger Moore, giving a one-note portrayal of a British aristocrat. There are a few catchy sequences and the scenery is lovely, but most of the adventure is aimed at the video-game set. V P

* A loony general hijacks a pile of poison-gas missiles and stashes them on Alcatraz, threatening to wipe out San Francisco if the government doesn't meet his demands. Can a mild-mannered toxicologist and an eccentric Alcatraz veteran stop him before it's too late? Learning the answer means sitting through more than two hours of violence, vulgarity, and all-around excess, served up with high-tech trimmings by director Michael Bay. Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery star. Contains a great deal of mayhem and foul language as well as a brief sex scene. V P S

** Rhea Perlman plays the white female coach of a black male basketball team at an inner-city high school. Like every scrappy coach in the history of movies, she gets involved in the personal lives of her players while boosting their morale for the big game at the climax. Although a few scenes develop human interest, it's mostly one clich after another. Steve Gomer directed. P V

*** Janeane Garofalo and Uma Thurman make a bright-eyed comedy team in this romance about a handsome photographer who falls in love with the voice of a radio veterinarian and the face of an air-headed model, mistakenly thinking they're the same ideal woman. Directed by comedy specialist Michael Lehmann. Contains a fairly explicit phone-sex scene. S P V

The TIXC or DTIXC is responsible for overseeing the prompt, equitable, and impartial investigation during the formal complaint process; however, extensions of timeframe for good cause are allowed, so long as written notice and the reason for the delay is provided to the parties. Good cause includes: The complexity and/or number of the allegations; The severity and extent of the alleged misconduct; The number of parties, witnesses, and other types of evidence involved; The availability of the parties, witnesses, and evidence; A request by a party to delay an investigation; The effect of a concurrent criminal investigation or proceeding; intervening holidays, College breaks, or other closures; good faith efforts to reach a resolution; or other unforeseen circumstances.

Prior to finalizing the Investigation Report, the Investigator will provide all parties an equal opportunity to review any evidence obtained as part of the investigation that is directly related to the allegations raised in the Formal Complaint, including evidence upon which the College does not intend to rely. The evidence will be provided in an electronic format or a hard copy. The parties may submit a written response to the evidence within 10 business days after receipt of the evidence. The investigator considers any responses received from the parties and conducts any further investigation necessary or appropriate.


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