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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson

Raspberry Coke Australia Where To Buy

This instructable shows you how to make a simple and easy, yet delicious drink. Raspberry Coke is nothing special but it's generally a rare find where I come from - most people mix raspberry flavoring with either lemonade or water and so did I until one day I was at a pub with my dad and a Canadian tourist went to the bar to order a drink. I heard his 'strange' accent (or so I thought at the time seeing as I was only young) and naturally zoned in to what he was saying. He ordered Vodka, Coke and Raspberry. The barman gave the guy a weird look as if to suggest he'd never heard of such a drink but delivered the drink to the specifications described by the Canadian man. I too had never heard of such a drink and was interested as to what the combination of raspberry and coke would taste like so I ordered one (without the alcohol of course seeing as I was only a young boy).I have been drinking Raspberry Coke ever since and thought i'd share it with you.(please excuse the fact that the pictures aren't the right way up)

raspberry coke australia where to buy



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